Monday, November 15, 2010

Green decorating

With Christmas literally round the corner, and me coming off my recent Halloween binge I though I would post about some ideas for 'green' decorating.  It really isn't too hard to think of some reusable and green decorations which also have the bonus of saving money too.
So here are my top 5 green decorating ideas:  ( I don't think I have made a list on my blog before...this could be a first ;0)

1. Use e-invitations or make your own from stuff at home.  
I love making handmade invitations and who doesn't love getting real mail, but if you are going to send in the mail, try and use paper and craft products from around the home.  I also always end up with leftover Christmas cards every year and it was only recently that I realised I can use them the next year...because even though they won't all match, none of the recipients will be comparing there cards so they won't know that they don't match...I have a bit of a matching fetish.
When I do go down the e-invite/card route my absolute first stop is pingg.   This site has such cute invites and is so easy to use.  You set up your event and all the invites, reminders and thankyou cards will be sent out automatically for you...and it's free!
2. Use classic plain coloured table pieces that will suit all themes. 
Examples of this includes, glass jars, white platters and cake stands.  I have a few plain classic pieces and with a few ribbons and handmade labels I can colour code these to suit a birthday, baby shower or Christmas.  

3. Choose a colour or theme.  
It is so much easier to decorate with a colour theme, and it means that simple household items can then be pulled in to be 'pseudo' decorations.  For example, for a recent going away shower I used a red theme and was able to decorate with red flowers, apples, table runners, ribbons and lollies that I had in my house at the time. I pulled it all together with some cute handmade labels and it looked like I was decorating all day...but literally took me 15 minutes.  I love this site for party decorating themes...although I don't have anything like the talent you will see on this site.

4.  Try to use washable table wear insted of throw away.  
Now I must admit I do struggle with this one...but it does depend on the size of the party as well.  If it is a small gathering I try to wash and reuse, as the alternative is just so wasteful and should only be used when necessary...or when I just can't cope with more dishes.  If you really have the budget for it you can get some great biodegradable throw aways.  I think I might look into these further for Christmas.

5.  Don't buy useless one-use cheap items.  
In the spirit of using less stuff, I have really tried to cut down on a lot of 'made in china' type decorations that are designed for one-off use and don't serve a real purpose..this includes glow sticks, party poppers,  streamers, balloons and literally anything else that you usually throw away at the end of the event. (sorry, I have a hatred of glow sticks).  I now only buy decorations that I value enough to store away to use the next year, and will suit multiple occasions if possible.  It also helps if you have a designated decorations box that you can always find easily each time you need to use it.

So there's my first I need to start thinking about Christmas and how I can practice 'green' decorating this year...Has anyone seen a solar powered Christmas tree (My brother will love that one ;0)

And what about fairtrade Christmas gifts, now there is another topic altogether..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Smelling Sweet

I entered a blog giveaway here at "Make it Perfect" and won a sweet smelling candle from here: at Salt City Candle Australia !

I am sure my new vanilla cinnamon candle will help me get in the mood for Christmas...but as man of the house said " mmm, and I was just thinking the other day we don't have enough smelly candles in the house"

You are exactly right hubby ;0)  (I will ignore your sarcasm and bask in my winning glory).

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