Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Should we just all learn to share?

I came across this interesting article today and been thinking about it ever since.

It is basically talking about how we could reduce our consumption of products by simply sharing more.  And the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.  When was the last time we simply borrowed somthing instaed of going out and buying it?  And whilst I do a lot of 'sharing' with my parents I do very little of sharing with others or an even scarier neighbours.  
For example, I have a lot of books and dvds...and now baby products that I have only used once and would be more than happy to share with those around me.  I have also found that lately I would rather borrow from the library than own a book, and have sworn off buying DVDs since the purchase of our HD recorder.  

So here is to sharing...I am trying to teach baby boy about it...and now I need to put it in to practice myself.

Anyone need to borrow something?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sensory Boxes

One of the Mother's at my playgroup had a great idea to each create a sensory box which could rotate between all the kids once a fortnight.  She came up with a whole heap of ideas and we all picked one to make and share.  

We chose 'Space' and had fun putting togther some sensory activties themed (very loosely) 
 around space.

I made some space themed flash cards (from postcards picked up on our visit to NASA), a box of moon rocks (from Grandpa's garden), space textures (a slinky and pom poms from the $2 store), a box of star stickers, space stencils, and an anti-gravity game (moving cotton wool balls from one bowl to another with small tongs- this is based loosely on a Montesorri activity).

I was pretty proud with how it turned out, and all the other boxes were great too!  We have the beach themed box for the next fortnight and baby boy has already learn to say "coral" and loves sneaking the blue rice (food clouring dyed) into his mouth when I am not looking ;0) 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wish List: The Sun Jar

I think this would make a cute night light for baby boys's room...

Added to my wish list...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Washing Day

I love it when the weather gets warmer and this week is the first week of Spring.  And it promised us good things to come.  The sun was shining and the washing on my line was drying quickly.  

I have been using Cloth (modern coth naappies) since baby boy was about 6 weeks old and have really been suprised by how easy they are to use.  I will admit that I am not as good as some and generally only use them 2-3 days a week, not at night and not when we are on holidays, and I usually don't use them if it is raining heaps.  Ok, that sounds like a long list....but when I do use them I feel good!  ( I know it sounds dumb, but if we have been a little over budget for the week or  I really want to buy something I break out the cloth nappies).  They a little like my own version of food storage.

And in summer when baby boy wears a cloth nappy and singlet he looks soo cute.

There are so many brands of (MCN) Modern Cloth Nappies out there now and so many websites to order them from; however, my one recommendation would be to use something that has a component of bamboo in it.  They soak up so much more, and last a lot longer. 

I have also found that the Sun is the best bleach I have ever used.
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