Friday, September 27, 2013

A financial spring clean out

Spring is here!  I love spring and all it brings with it: warmer weather, early wake ups, and just a hint of  of holidays with christmas around the corner.   Last week, spring motivated me to take stock of our finances, and get back on track.  So I started early friday morning with my to do list:

  • Cancel some subscriptions I wasn't really using anymore
  • Shop around for a better health insurance deal
  • Get a re-quote on our car and house insurance
  • Consolidate our debts into the one place
By the end of the day I had saved our family $180 a month.  Quite an achievement I thought :-)

I can highly recommend the re-quote of house and contents insurance.  I didn't realise that our insurance was automatically upping the value of our house and contents each year we held the policy.  And as much as other peoples antique furniture might increase in value...My super amart couch will not.  So just getting the policy put back to my original value estimations from when we started the policy gave me a $20 a month saving.

(The picture above was taken on the free ferry that travels our beautiful Brisbane river.  A perfect spring adventure!)
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