Thursday, May 27, 2010

Does your cupboard look like this?

Watch: sunrise segment on deadly household chemicals

This segment was on sunrise this morning, and whilst I like the segment I didn't think that it gave specific information on how to actually eliminate chemicals from your home.

Using less chemicals is something that I am passionate about!  And thats why I Use and Sell Enjo. (sorry, it is a shameless plug)

If you would like to know more about how the Enjo Microfibre cleaning system works,  just contact me or leave a comment.

Or if you have your tips on reducing chemicals add a comment for us to all learn from.
 (that's right..I can clean the shower whilst my son is standing in it)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not your 1960's washing machine...

 Did you know that it is 2010...and along with all the great advances we have had in medicine and technology we also have great washing machines.  No, not the fancy pants ones that wash, dry and fold your clothes, but the regular ones that we all use.  Apparently our washing machines are so efficient these days that most of the work is done in the way it spins and swishes and not in the ammount of washing powder you use.  

Choice magazine conducted some tests and found that you can get just as good (sometimes better) washing results by using a 1/4 of the washing powder reccomended on the box.  So apparently we are all using too much washing powder/liquid! 

And if you use more than the recommended dose (just cause you are feeling generous that day) it will actually make your washing machine work inefficiently.

So do something for the environment and your wallet and try using a 1/4 of the powder/liquid that you would normally use in the wash.  

You can be even more brave and use no washing powder at all...its called a strip wash and I will test it myself and let you know how I go.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Nature and Nurture...

We were all struck down by a horrible virus last week, and in attempt to get some fresh air we headed to our favourite local park.  It is always fun to go to the park, but is now so much more fun that baby boy is big enough to actually 'play' at the park.  He played on the slide, with the music area and on the swing.  

I was listening to a radio program last week that talked about how our kids are really in danger of never having a relationship with nature.  The speaker said that because of a lack of green spaces that our kids can own and explore they will lose the chance to really feel comfortable with nature and all the gifts that that brings to a child.  I know how much baby boy just loves to go outside to play and I am so glad that we live in a country with weather that allows him to do that most of the time

My goal is to try and regularly take baby boy into nature so he can develop that 'relationship' with God's beautiful creations.  Does that mean camping?  I hope so! (hint...hint to man of the house)
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