Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not your 1960's washing machine...

 Did you know that it is 2010...and along with all the great advances we have had in medicine and technology we also have great washing machines.  No, not the fancy pants ones that wash, dry and fold your clothes, but the regular ones that we all use.  Apparently our washing machines are so efficient these days that most of the work is done in the way it spins and swishes and not in the ammount of washing powder you use.  

Choice magazine conducted some tests and found that you can get just as good (sometimes better) washing results by using a 1/4 of the washing powder reccomended on the box.  So apparently we are all using too much washing powder/liquid! 

And if you use more than the recommended dose (just cause you are feeling generous that day) it will actually make your washing machine work inefficiently.

So do something for the environment and your wallet and try using a 1/4 of the powder/liquid that you would normally use in the wash.  

You can be even more brave and use no washing powder at all...its called a strip wash and I will test it myself and let you know how I go.

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  1. Interesting read Kara. I have often thought about this very thing about detergent ratio etc. I am going to try less detergent. Also I have heard that you dont need to use detergent when washing towels because there is already alot of soap on them. I dont know if my hygiene ocd hubby will let me do this :)


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