Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lucky finds

I really have great luck sometimes, in particular in finding really great second hand jeans.  I gave up on buying new jeans years ago (just got sick of trying on so many pairs) and started buying them at op/thrift shops.  And I really have been lucky.  Just this week I decided I needed new jeans (have grown out of my last pair) and turned up at my first 'vinnies' to find a perfect pair of 'Jag' jeans in just my size (already worn in to the comfy stage).  $12 later  (and after a good wash) I am living in these jeans.  What have been your best thrift store finds?

(Unfortunately I am a bit of a second hand snob.  Jeans, the occasional kids toys, kids shorts, books and puzzles are usually what I look out for when visiting an op shop/ thirft store).  

1 comment:

  1. I've started using thrifted sheets and quilt covers for material. For about $5 you can get a good 2m of material, and if you buy a quilt cover you get about 4 - 5 m of material. So much less than brand new material :-) I've never tried to find jeans though...


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