Monday, February 8, 2010

Smarter than your average...chicken

We have now had our three chickens for nearly six months, (Let the record show that I have not yet killed them.)  and I was suprised the  other day when I went out into the backyard and they came running towards me!  Apparently I am some kind of Mother Hen to them and they can't get enough of me.  Now this does get really annoying when I am trying to clean out the coop, but is kinda cute when I think about it.  I am also constantly suprised at how smart they are...there is planning and scheming going on in those little chicken heads.  My blog does not have room for me to document the many escape's these girls have had!

Henny Penny, Hermione and Roast now give us three eggs a day and only cost us about $5 a month to feed and house, so it is definately working out to be 'Sustainable'.  Plus I really like having extra eggs to give away to friends and family.

If you are interested in Chickens check out these girls.  We got a lot of info off their site before we chose our chooks.  And who knows, they could be my longest living pets yet (if you ignore my resurecting goldfish).

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