Sunday, August 29, 2010


I love those days where you just decide "We are going to play today", you forget about the housework, work and all your other responsibilities and just go with the flow to do what ever entertains baby boy. 

We had one of those beautiful winter days a few weeks ago and decided to go crazy with bubbles!  Baby had a blast, and so did I...blowing bubbles around the yard for as long as we felt like.  And we learnt something new.  Chickens do not like bubbles!  It was so funny watching them freak out and run away whenever we blew bubbles their way.  

So imagine if we didn't designate that day as 'play day', I would never have known about bubbles and chickens ;0)

And even better, Dad joined in when he got home from work!

1 comment:

  1. do you have a special recipe for bubble mix? I'm trying to find a good one because Callum has spilled all our bubble containers...


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