Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Table Runner

I am having serious Halloween envy this year and wish that I could do all my shopping here.  But unfortuantely shipping costs aren't too friendly at the moment so I decided to try and make my own "Halloween/Fall" themed table runner to try and get in the spirit of things this year.  I am a sucker for beautiful table runners but have never attempted to sew one myself.  It was pretty easy and I managed to finish this one in an evening, once baby boy finally went to sleep.

I tried to keep the runner fairly basic so I can use it for other times of the year, but am tempted to add some applique bats or pumpkins.  The material is really bright, and hopefully keeping in my theme of a 'fun' Halloween, not scary.  I basically just sewed three material panels together of 21 inches x 15 inches, did the same for the back (so it can be double sided) and turned up all the sides to make the border. 

Now to get ready for our Halloween party on the weekend!!


  1. Good job Kara :-) That looks really great!

  2. ohhh Kara this looks really really nice!!! Love the bright colours and it looks lovely! Great job! I can't get over how many incredibly talented sewers are out there...enjoy your fun Halloween!! xxx

  3. Oh! That looks so nice Kara!! Really nice, vibrant colours, love it! (from Aliessa Preston)


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