Friday, March 4, 2011

play time

I must admit that sometimes my 'play' time with baby boy isn't as imaginative as I would like.  We get so busy that sometimes I forget that instead of just pulling out some toys I need to actually sit down with him and play, and show him the diffrent ways he can play with his toys so he can then use his imagination to take it further. 

This week I bought the beautiful wooden castle above (and I will be honest and say that good wooden toys aren't cheap), but as soon as we bought it home and put it together I felt relieved that my expense was all worth it.  Baby boy sat down at his table and played with the castle for nearly an hour.  
 To set this off I first explained to him who all the characters were (the witch with the cauldron is called 'the cook' ;0) and showed him how they could be used, how they could go through the little doors and how we could make them talk and play with eachother.  He loved it!  

So now I just need to keep reminding him that playing with his castle is more exciting than watching tv (which is another area where I really need to improve).

I bought the castle from Oxfam which also helps me know it was made using fairtrade practices.

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  1. Supporting him using his imagination would be an essential for relating to his Dad! Is it the beginning of dungeons and dragons?


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