Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Curb-side-pick-up...the unofficial recycling program

 (photo sourced from here)
Do you have curb-side-pick-up where you live?  It happens here a couple of times a year when you receive a letter in the mail telling you a magic date which then gives you and everyone living in the designated suburb permission to put everything and anything that once was in your house/garden/shed/attic onto the side of the road.  It is so interesting as you drive around the streets to catch a small glimpse of peoples lives by the type of 'stuff' that gets thrown on the curb.  However, even more interesting/satisfying (and has actually been my entertainment for a few days) is watching all the 'enterprising' recyclers who come and pick up all the 'stuff' before council picks it up.    Ranging from  professionals with trucks to little kids with wagons everything that could be used, sold, broken down for copper and steel has been picked up in the light of day; or for the more self the dead of night.

24hrs is all it took for one of our chairs to was a bit like waiting for the tooth fairy, wondering when it would long it would take from when I put it on the curb.

Lets just hope it doesn't end up on the curb next pick up...

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  1. I do LOVE my curbside pickup I am always scavenging about looking for a hidden treasure. xo m.


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