Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meat free Mondays...we are leaning into it

Our house is slowly leaning into 'Meat free Mondays'.  I have felt I wanted to give it a try after quite a few things I have read and watched lately(inparticular 'Food Inc' the movie).

We are leaning in as 1.  Man-of-the-house loves meat and 2.  All my best recipes are meat based.  

So on Monday night we compromised by having vege burgers with home made wedges, and man-of-the-house got free range bacon on his as well. So...its happening slowly.  If anything it has also made me aware that I can really vote with my wallet, and encourage companies to make small changes.  eg.  One of our major ham produces now sells free range bacon.

Here's to trying something new!

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