Monday, May 2, 2011

Its been raining...I have succumbed to the dryer

Its been raining a lot around here, and this is not our wet season.  And as much as I try to avoid using it (mainly due to the fact that half our house steams up) I have been using the dryer on a pretty regular basis.

I have read up about using dryer balls to increase your dyer efficiency and was going to go out and buy some big plastic ones, until by total chance I spotted these little cuties:

Tumblemonkeys, they are made from wool felt and are so gorgeous I want to use them in every cycle.  Plus...just looking at them makes me smile!


  1. So have you noticed a difference in drying time? Our dryer seems to take so long - and then always needs half an hour extra than the Extra Dry cycle to get everything dry.

  2. They look so cute! But how do they work????

  3. I have actually noticed that when I use them all my clothes are dry by the end of the cycle. I used to have to put on the dryer for a bit longer, but don't have to now!


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