Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Baby boy turned 3 last week.  Those three years really have flown by; which makes me realise its been three years since I had my own little baby in my arms.  He is now a walking, talking little man!  He definately isn't a baby any more (sad face).  But it is exciting to think that next year he will officially be in Kindergarten, and the year after starting school...I really need to make the most of this year. 

I am looking for what 2012 will bring.  What do I want to achive and what do I want to do...and so far I am coming up a bit blank.  So over the next week I am really going to try and nut down some goals and achievements...and will hopefully post them here to make sure I stick to them.

In the meantime, I attempted a rainbow cake for the 3rd birthday party, and despite the icing melting and dissolving into the cake I think it turned out ok.
(party inspiration from here)

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