Sunday, October 14, 2012

cleaning the medicine cabinet

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When spring arrives I always feel a little extra motivation to clean and organise my home.  I love the extra sunshine, the warmer weather and the hope of my favourite holidays to come.  This week I cleaned out and re-sorted my kitchen cupboards.  One of the last of the day was the cupboard which holds all our medicines.  Taking stock of our medications has been a regular occurance for me since an 'indicent' we had in our first month of marriage (...Imagine me, waking up my new husband at 2am in the morning as I had a really bad headache, there is no pain killers in the house, so I send him out to find some.  On his return I am fast asleep...thinking he didn't drive all that way for nothing he wakes me up and tells me his home with my medication).  Since then we have always had panadol in the home :-)  

So in sorting and cleaning my medicine cabinet, I check use by dates and put aside medicines we no longer need.  Disposing of them is the important thing- I always take them to the pharmacy and have them disposed of safely.  Medicines of any kind should not be put in the bin, or flushed down the toilet.  It can cause lots of problems for our waterways, and you never have to worry that someone might pick them up and take them.

This program gives more information:

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