Wednesday, January 27, 2010

so...I am kind of nearly maybe convinced...

I don't usually like to jump on the bandwagon with too many environmental/health claims as I do think that we believe a lot of "greenwash" without looking for evidence.  But one claim that is getting harder to ignore is the problem of plastic baby bottles containing BPA.  Partcularly information that heating liquids (eg. pouring boiling water into or heating to very hot in the mircrowave)  releases a chemical that "could have dangerous effects on the development of the brain and the prostate gland in foetuses and newborn babies. BPA is said to interfere with oestrogen, the hormone which plays a key role in foetal and childhood development."

Many baby bottle brands now have BPA free alternatives (I have bought the new AVENT BPA free bottles), and I think that it is definately something to think about if you are buying any baby bottles in the future.  Plus there is also that whole thing about not heating anything for baby in the microwave...but I am not hitting that mark just yet ;0)

Oh, and if you want to know more about you go.


  1. I've just bought some Tommee Tippee "Closer to Nature" bottle to have just in case for baby no 2. They're also bpa free. I agree also that you have to research things yourself!

  2. I totally agree with this. Back home, they are not aloud to sell baby bottles with BPA. I was shocked you could still buy them here! Definitely something to stay away from.


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