Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Do we still not get it?

I work part-time, and am very blessed to have a really easy and flexible boss who allows me to choose my work days and lets me work from home when I need to.  I don't mind my work, but if we were rich I would rather stay home full-time.  I have worked in my organisation for a really long time, but what really suprises me is when colleagues of mine wonder what I do with all my 'spare time'.  Even today a lady I work with asked me what I do when I am not at work...I have 2.5 year old...isn't that answer enough??  She was also suprised when I told her I don't ever plan on returning to work full-time.  So even when society tells us that being a mother is important why are people still so suprised when we choose to leave our careers to raise our children.  I thought people had got that already...

1 comment:

  1. That's so great that you have such a great boss and a flexible part-time job! I too am grateful for the flexibility of my employment, and that I can stay home most of the time with the kids. I guess people can't understand why you would give up something they see as worthwhile and important for "unpaid childcare". Because motherhood is unpaid, they just don't get exactly how vital it is.


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