Monday, August 8, 2011

Falling in love again

We have now lived in our house the longest of any other home in our marriage.  It was starting to annoy me...and I wanted something new.  Unfortunately in today's housing climate, and if we are trying to be responsible we really should stay in this home for many more years.  

The solution:  Falling in love with my home again!
I am doing this in a few ways:
1. List all the things I love about my home....location, the backyard etc.
2.Make sure I have a place for everything I need.  
We have started to rethink storage in our home and have already redone the laundry in this fantastic system (it was well worth the money).  We are also redoing our wardrobe spaces to follow the theme of 'a home for everything'.
3.Re-evaluate our stuff.  
This guy is my mentor and I re-read his book regularly.
4.  Remember how nice it is when the whole house is clean...all at the same time!
5.Move furniture around to give a fresh new look  + my failsafe feelgood item: buy a new bedspread.

And not officially on the list, but one that I have realised effects me a lot "Remember that summer is just around the corner".  Qld homes are just not designed for cold weather!

So here is to a fresh look on old things...and saving money in the meantime.


  1. Hi Kara, I love coming to your house with all your different house designs! I too love a new quilt cover for a change. I didn't realise you had lived in that house for so long!

  2. Great post Kara. We would love to be organized too!


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