Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finding a good fit

Have you ever tired an 'alternative therapy' ?  Over four years ago I started monthly reflexology sessions with an wonderful reflexologist that lives not far from me.  I just found her on the internet, but must have struck gold because she was wonderful (and the proof of that is that I stuck with her for so long...I am not usually that loyal to health professionals).  I love reflexology because not only is it good for me (boosting my immune system, helping in my pregnancy & treating general ailments etc) but it was really relaxing and enjoyable.  I was reminded of just how relaxing it was when today I went to get some accupuncture....useful-yes, enjoyable-no.   

My reflexologist retired last month so now I am on the hunt to find myself another 'Jan'.  I have found over the years that with health professionals, you can be as selective and biased as you want...its all about you, so don't worry about offending them if you don't want to go back, or just want to try someone else.  If they are good, they will not mind a bit.

The same rule as applies to the health professional also applies to the therapy.  Not every alternative therapy will suit everyone, so find one that you understand and suits your situation.  In my experience you will know if it is a good fit, because you will make the effort to go back a second time.

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